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There’s a new flesh eating drug on the loose in Russia locally called “krokodil” and the high it’s giving its users is to die for ― literally!

Krokodil is composed of gasoline, paint thinner, hydrochloric acid, iodine, codeine and red phosphorous. Krokodil or Крокодил (the Russian name) also means crocodile, an accurate title because it turns the skin of its users greenish and scaly. Krokodil is ten times harsher and three times cheaper than its counterpart heroin, which is causing an epidemic like none other seen in Eastern Europe.

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Krokodil isn’t the only flesh eating drug hitting the streets. Right here in the good old U.S.A. there’s an all too familiar drug that’s being tampered with to be made just as dangerous as the croc. That drug is Levamisole, a designer cocaine.

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Levamisole, a product used for de-worming, is cut into cocaine and has similar stimulants to the popular drug. When addicts snort or smoke, this contaminant has devastating effects that cause the nose, ears and neck and in some cases the entire body to rot, resembling gangrene and frost bite. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, up to 70 percent of cocaine in the U.S. is contaminated with levamisole, because it’s cheap and widely available. The government and the medical community are concerned and aimed at combating this issue. 

In the next couple of pages prepare yourself to be grossed out by some the gruesome effects of the world’s most notorious drugs. 



This is how your arm may look after injecting this drug.



Cut Cocaine doesn’t look too much better.


Crystal Meth: 

Here’s how you’ll look after 2-5 years of using this drug.



Many people found themselves crying out this four letter word after dancing with this legally prescribed devil.



Changes the way the brain and nervous system responds to pain. 


Phencyclidine (PCP):

This drug originated in Germany in 1926 and since then has been known on the streets as Angel Dust.



Is a legal hallucinogen last seen used by Disney pop-star Miley Cyrus.



Is a synthetic cannabis that causes the heart rate of its users to rise to 200 beats per minute causing heart attacks, seizures and vomiting.



Is synthesized from morphine and is a derivative of the opium poppy plant that causes tolerance and physical dependance making it one of the hardest addictions to break.

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