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The Jonesboro, AK Police department have released more info regarding the curious case of Chavis Carter.

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In a minute-by-minute detailed description of what occurred the night of his death, the press release stated that Chavis texted his girlfriend while sitting in the patrol car, telling her he was scared and he had a gun on him.

It was also revealed earlier today that Jonesboro Police Chief Michael Yates told the Associated Press the department had requested gunshot residue testing in Chavis’ case.

As reported by KAIT8 News:

Police say text messages on Carter’s phone show he had stolen the gun in question from a woman or individual in Jonesboro. Police say other text messages show he had the gun on him to bring to another individual, Brandon Renald Baker. Baker is currently in the Greene County Jail on aggravated burglary charges, and admitted to police on Tuesday that he did request the gun from Carter.

Police also say that Carter’s girlfriend told them he called her from the rear of the police car and told her that he loved her and that he had a gun on him in the rear of the police car and that he was scared.

For the autopsy, Arkansas’ state crime lab says it didn’t perform gunshot residue testing on a man fatally shot in the head while handcuffed in a patrol car because it doesn’t do that kind of analysis on victims of homicides or suicides.

The lab’s chief criminalist, Lisa Channell, told the AP that kind of the testing can indicate whether a person was in an environment with gunshot residue, but not whether he or she pulled the trigger of a gun.

The bizarre case of Chavis Carter continues to unravel, as we still don’t know what exactly happened in the back of that police patrol car.


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