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The Internet nearly shut down this morning, when Radar Online reported that someone was shopping a sex tape with Kanye West and a women who supposedly looks a lot like Kim Kardashian (it’s not her, though).

Unfortunately, the tape hasn’t leaked yet. However, Radar was kind enough to leak an awesome screengrab of the video, which shows a shirtless and very sex-ready looking Kanye West.

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If you didn’t see the pic yet, please take a second and click here. It’s the perfect mix of funny and awesome.

We’re not going to lie, folks: nothing gets our blood pumping like an A-quality sex tape from one of our favorite hip-pop stars leaking.

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We live for moments like this, and when they happen, we don’t get complacent. We seize the day, dammit!

So we thought it would be funny (and perverted but…whatever) if we went back, looked at some of our favorite celeb sex tapes, and grabbed screengrabs, featuring some of the most epic-looking sex faces that you’ll ever see.

It was hard work. But someone had to do it. 

Kim Kardashian and her “MERCY” sex face. 

Ray J and his “Blaw-tadow-watch-out-now” sex face. 

Colin Farell and his “I-told-you-not-to-move-dammit” sex face. 

Tila Tequila and her “it’s-going-to-pour”sex face. 

Paris Hilton and her “you’re-not-gay-so-you-don’t-have-AIDs-right?” sex face.

Dustin Diamond and his “I’m-really-thinking-about-Lisa-Turtle” sex face.

Kendra Wilkinson and her “oh-hugggh” sex face. 

Verne Troyer and his “even-I-think-this-is-gross” sex face. 

Fred Durst and his “I-still-get-nookie-off-of-the-strength-of-‘Nookie’” sex face. 

Pamela Anderson and her “boats-and-hoes” sex face. 

Tommy Lee and his “wait-what’s-Hepatitis-C?” sex face. 

Benzino and his “it’s-about-to-be-a-wrap” sex face. 

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