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So a crazy fucking Beyonce fan pulled the Queen off the stage and into the crowd while she was performing in Brazil last night. In case you missed it, here it is in gif form:


We in no way endorse this type of behavior, but we totally understand it. She is Beyonce after all. And she’s Beyonce in a blinged out onesie.

This is in no way the first time Beyonce’s on-stage presence caused people to lose all sense of self and just freak the fuck out. So for you Beyonce stans, let us remember all the crazy ass, yet unquestionably Godly Beyonce moments, because who wouldn’t want to re-live those?

The time a male fan got the rare opportunity to slap her ass and totally took advantage of the moment [can you blame him?]

The time Beyonce touched a fan’s hands and he caught the holy ghost

The time Beyonce got her hair caught in a fan [like a real fan, the kind that cools you off] but kept the show going

But then she made a song about it because she’s Beyonce


That really cute time Jay Z surprised Beyonce in Philly

But also that time she slipped while performing, but pulled it off with grace

The time she legit fell down an entire flight of stairs but acted like nothing happened [jump to the :20 mark]

And the time she yelled at a fan to enjoy the moment and “put the damn camera down!”

Because she knows whenever she takes the stage it’s a God-given moment that must be appreciated.

We love you, Beyonce.

Beyonce Beysus meme

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