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Navy Yard shooter aaron alexis

After Aaron Alexis massacred 12 people at Washington D.C.’s Navy Yard last Monday, it was revealed that he gained access to the military installation with his legitimate civilian contractor ID.

But after learning about his prior arrests, his history with gun violence and his battle with mental issues, we were all left wondering how he was even able to pass the screening required to get on the base and how no one questioned his records.

Well, it’s simple. He lied.

The Washington Navy Yard shooter lied about a previous arrest and failed to disclose thousands of dollars in debts when he applied for a security clearance in the Navy.

Then federal investigators dismissed the omissions, and made one of their own – deleting any reference to Aaron Alexis’ use of a gun in that arrest.

The gaps in his record eventually allowed him to work in the secure Navy building where he gunned down 12 workers last week, underscoring weaknesses with the clearance process that Navy officials are targeting for change.

The background report given to the Navy omitted the fact that he shot out the tires of another person’s vehicle in what Alexis called an “anger-fueled blackout.” Instead, the report from the Office of Personnel Management said Alexis “deflated” the tires.

Now, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus is voicing his concern and offering some recommendations to keep the base safe. He suggested that all police reports – not just arrests or convictions – involving an individual must be included when a background check is done. He also recommended that the Navy enhance its management of sailor evaluations and fitness reports by assigning more senior officers to oversee them.

Investigators are still actively looking for things they may have missed and are considering what changes need to be made in order to prevent a similar mass homicide in the future.

SOURCE: Huffington Post | PHOTO CREDIT: Friend of Alexis

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