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Cosmopolitan's Super Fun Night With Rebel Wilson

We should have known this one was coming. As much as America would like to elaborate on its idea of “equalness,” the actual idea of having a plus size woman being comfortable – hell, even confident – about her departure from the beauty norm is something most can’t even wrap their head around.

Case in point: Rebel Wilson.

Every single time there is a woman with a curvier figure in the spotlight, be it Adele, Jennifer Hudson or even Kate Upton, the commentary always drifts towards “fixing” said celebrity. Rebel Wilson is the lucky contender in this go-round.

Known to the masses as “Fat Amy” from Pitch Perfect, Rebel has built a comedic career off of not only her body, but her ability to master deadpan comedy, even when she is the butt of her own joke. Now, as the season of her newest show, Super Fun Night, kicks off, weight loss companies like Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig are said to be in a bidding war to get Wilson on one of their plans. If things go as they like, the diet companies want viewers of Super Fun Night to have the front row seat to Rebel’s un-rebellious transformation.

According to Radar Online:

“Rebel is asking for a fortune, but still looking at all the offers and is not ready to rule it out yet.”

“Rebel would be doing this strictly for the money,” the source says. “She’s built a comic persona out of being heavy and nobody in her world or at ABC is pressuring her to lose weight. It would only be for the cash and the exposure.”

Cash aside, telling women they need to be fixed for any reason other than health issues is a problem all too common in the spotlight, and yet another reason that girls who have finally found someone to relate to, visually, believe they need to follow suit and change themselves as well.

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SOURCE: Radar Online

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