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In the wake of her split from husband of 22 years, Bruce Jenner, rumors have been circulating that Kris Jenner is moving on with a younger man. Those rumors quickly escalated after former Bachelor star Ben Flajnik was spotted leaving 58-year-old Jenner’s Calabasas home in her Bentley.

Now, Flajnik, 30, is speaking about the incident and shutting down all the rumors:

“I happened to be in L.A. and I didn’t have a car, so she let me borrow hers. She wasn’t even there. Her assistant opened up the garage and just said, ‘Pick one,'” Flajnik told PEOPLE.

Prior to this incident, the two were seen at Flajnik’s winery together and on a vacation in Mexico. Flajnik assured PEOPLE, however, that their relationship is purely friendly.

“We have some really great things in the works, and this is frustrating because it’s not the light I wanted shed on our projects,” says Flajnik. He also said he and Kris weren’t alone in Mexico. Jenner’s close friend Joe Francis also joined them. “It’s like you can’t do anything without people thinking you’re hooking up or in a relationship.”

Ben says the rumors are not only annoying, but taking a toll on his personal life.

“It comes up a lot” on dates with other women Ben says. “I can handle it one person at a time, but when people write articles it is more difficult.”

“She’s a beautiful, smart woman,” he said. “But we’re friends. We talked this morning and she said, ‘Het, don’t worry.’ She understands why I’m upset and uncomfortable with the reports. She deals with this kind of thing on a daily basis, and I’ve worked really hard to stay away from this kind of image.”

Kris has not directly addressed any of these sightings, but did say she’s not quite ready to hit the dating scene again just yet.


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