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NYC Redemption Center Helps Impoverished "Canners"  Get By

There’s a hipster war going on in Bushwick.

It’s a new kind of fight that’s occurring in the infamous Brooklyn neighborhood. And no, it’s not because native Brooklynites are upset that yet another area is being groomed for a yuppie takeover, a new Whole Foods and an increase in rent that will surely exclude poorer residents.

It’s because the newer condos are scaring the original hipsters who thought it so cool to live in Bushwick just a few years prior.

According to the NY Post:

The hipsters who settled the Brooklyn neighborhood 10 years ago have declared war on rich kids flocking to new luxury digs on their parents’ dime.

CastleBraid, an upscale rental complex marketed for artists, was adorned last month with crime-scene tape reading “Occupy.”

The “perps’’ were first-generation hipsters calling themselves “Occupy Bushwick.” They say they are “in solidarity” with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

“It’s like Neverland over there,” fumed Angelina Dreem, 27, a yoga teacher who’s lived in Bushwick for four years and owns Body Actualized yoga studio across the street from the complex.

You heard that right. She owns a yoga studio.

And yes…if you’ve been paying attention, you realize the irony of this new “battle.” The old hipsters that moved in, teach at yoga studios, build Trader Joe’s in food deserts, excluded original residents, caused a spike in rent, and enticed city planners and developers to build amenities of no benefit to those who originally occupied the area, although there has always been a demand for cleaner facilities or fresher produce, are pissed.

Locals complain that the rent is so steep — $2,200 for a one-bedroom and up to $3,400 for a three-bedroom — that the complex is actually causing rates to go up throughout the neighborhood.

An online opposition group, on Twitter as @AntiCastleBraid, describes the haven as “Where you would live if the only thing you knew about Bushwick you saw on the TV show ‘Girls.’ ”

Not sure if we should blame GIRLS or gentrification overall, either way it’s oh so Christopher Columbus-esque and we just can’t deal.


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