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Michael Phelps Visits "FOX News"

In 2013, Fox News was listed as the most distrusted name in news. And yes, that really happened.

And no wonder. Between radically religious rants, not-so-subtle racist segments, bringing Ann Coulter in for conservative craziness and even making a baby cry, Fox never ceases to make our jaws drop.

And yes…making a baby cry actually happened. Which leads us to believe they are the biggest bullies in cable news.

Need proof?

Well, here’s that baby crying because Brian Kilmeade THREW A BALL IN HIS FACE:

A baby dude? Srsly guise…

And what about that time Megyn Kelly tried to strong-arm all the little children of the world into believing Santa couldn’t be anything but white and Jesus, despite being born in the Middle East, was also white: 

Ruining Christmas’ everywhere…

What about that time Sean Hannity and his friend Ann Coulter got into name-calling, dubbing Melissa Harris-Perry the “token African-American” of MSNBC:

Way to not be at all racist…

Or that time they got really rude and played “Dude Looks Like A Lady” during a segment on Chelsea Manning (previously Bradley):

Absolutely. The. Fuck. Rude.

Remember when that one Fox host tried to belittle a religious scholar by suggesting he didn’t have the authority to write a book about Jesus because he is Muslim? (And he nicely read that ass):

Read that ass to filth!

And what about the time Megyn Kelly called for “Santa is white, you bitches” back-up:

We don’t believe you, you need more people…

Or that time Fox even tried to bully one of their favorites —  Robert Zimmerman Jr. — by forcing him to bad-mouth President Obama after his brother was acquitted of murder:

You can’t make me do it!

There was that time Dana Perino suggested that victims’ of crimes should probably make better choices (skip to 4:40):

Way to go with your victim shaming…

Remember when Brian Kilmeade took micro-aggressions to a new level and asked a Nicaraguan co-host if she grew up eating tacos?

Assuming I’m Mexican? I’m embarrassed for you.

When they demonized Mr. Rogers:

Only the devil does such things…

Then there was that time a male host told Tamara Holder to “know her place” as a woman:

We can’t make this shit up…

Or that time that Fox mocked a 102-year-old woman who waited on line for hours to vote during the 2012 election:

Babies, puppies and the elderly are always off limits…always…

And any time they profiled and demonized an unarmed teenager who was shot dead by a man with a hell of a police record.

RIP Trayvon Martin


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