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This man just can’t stay out of trouble!

Rob Ford might be one of the most talked about politicians in the last year, but unfortunately, he’s been the topic of discussion due to his crazy antics and behavior and not his  political views and policies.

The Mayor of Toronto was recently leaving a Shell gas station in Vancouver, when he was ticketed by the RCMP for jaywalking (of all things) and public intoxication.

A man named Ian Curry witnessed the whole thing, and shared his account with Global News:

“[The Mayor] said: ‘I f’d up boys. I was just trying to cross the red light here, and this officer stopped me. I thought it was looser on the West Coast, I thought you were cooler over here,’” Currie told Global News. “We said, ‘it’s still the RCMP, man.’”

So far, Currie is the only witness to come forward in regard to the ordeal and authorities have said they cannot confirm nor deny anything that may have happened as it involves a celebrity.

Ford, along with a co-worker, were both ticketed $109 for ignoring a pedestrian sign. He told a Toronto Sun reporter that he was “shocked” and “embarrassed” by the incident.

We can only imagine how embarrassed he must be…

SOURCE: Global News

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