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by Cato

Why I love skateboarding so much…  Simple… But how do I define it?? is it the CONFIDENCE it gives you when you conquer an obstacle no matter the size or take a fall and realize its not going to be so bad? is it the DISCIPLINE you acquire while mastering this skill that requires constant attention to all the mental and all the physical aspects? Could it be the TENACITY it allow us to discover in ourselves while merely hanging with the boys and chasing that ‘Hey I could do that’ dream we all see every once and a while. Is it that COURAGE we get when we get over that initial fear, or the ADRENALINE you get when you feel yourself getting closer to your final destination. Then there’s the whole ARTISTIC aspect we are literally poetry in motion, and like all other art it crosses multiple boundaries while relatively having none of its own.I mean if you think about it, we’re really like URBAN NINJAS!!! Especially on night missions, when we sneak in, set up the lights and cameras to record the glorious battle that ensues. Complete with METAL CLASHING , SPARKS FLYING sometimes, DEATH DEFYING KICK (flips) and other slow motion jaw droppers that Hollywood big shots have to break out the CGI to duplicate..Not us, NOO WAY.  We do it old school like Corvettes burning rubber the whole way baby…and then there is THE BLOOD.  How could I forget that? That’s the bystanders favorite part, dicks.  Entire shows have been dedicated to the relationships sk8rs nuts and handrails have and not once have I in my 27 years seen any of them show the sk8r make it as we often do after that sack.. Nothings free, you got to pay sometime. I make it sound all matter of fact, but that shit is funny as hell. I cant lie, but I can laugh because I am willing to take that fall for what I want.  Are you?
Sk8boarding has taught me everything I know or at least has been the common place where the synergy needed was identified. believe it or not, we are not thrill seeking pain loving party animals, however, we do go hard with the festivities, but still pause on the masochism. I like to look at it as more calculated risk than anything. Let me break it on down for ya-

85% of it is CONQUERING the FEAR. Here is where the fore-mentioned courage and adrenaline comes into play. Sometimes taking that first jump can feel like you are on the top of Mt. Rushmore (which needs to be updated). I don’t know if this happens to anyone else but I can hear the rail ledge stairs or what ever is taunting me and calling me a punk and all types of names. (true story)  I remember this one time on a double kinked rail that shall remain names-less, I’m contemplating having a go at this perfectly proportion, but when I gotto the Shaq sized ledge, I caught a case of the B.G.’s (bubble guts for those wondering) B.G.’s on the board usually means one of two things im either about to make something dope happen, or I’m about to get bodied like all those other unlucky saps on SCAR’D or worse. So taking natures hint I tell the camera man to just never mind unpacking, lets just dip. No lie, the rail says and I quote ‘go head and dip you pussy mc nugget’ so I did what any self respecting megalomaniac (*i.e. any rapper) would  do…and oooooh yeah we were bumping that trap or die hard..thanks a lot Jeezy you and DJ Drama’s magical music combination was the reason it went from Sunday fun-day to ‘Hey mom ya I know I aint been answering ur calls, yah I’m ok, but quick question, Do we have dental insurance?”
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