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We all have one. A favorite TV Character that we simple love and want to emulate. Growing up mine was Zack Morris was my idol. In school I wanted to be the cool guy, date the hottest girl in the school, have the coolest friends and simply be Zack. I also thought George Jefferson had a lot of swag. I loved the way he walked. My friends and I would try to walk like him because we saw the reruns of The Jeffersons while singing beans don’t burn in the kitchen, but I digress. 

With that said we compiled a list of the coolest TV characters of all time. Their roles are forever etched in our memories as being dope. 

Riley Freeman – The Boonbocks


Buck Bundy – Married With Children


Uncle Jesse: Full House


George Jefferson – The Jeffersons


Dwayne – What’a Happening

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