Just when you think we’ve heard the last of BlackBerry, out come some new phones!

The last interestingly designed BB phone was the one made by Porsche a weeks ago after RIM had its worldwide outage.

STORY: Porsche Designed A Cool Looking BlackBerry!

You’d think that would be the final nail in the coffin for the Canadian mobile company but no, BB is still ticking. 

RIM unveiled two new phones, the titular Curve 9380 and the Bold 9790. No word on when to expect them in stores, though. 

The unveiling caused RIM’s stock to climb, but it still remains under $20 a share. 

The Curve is the first all touch screen device put out by RIM. The Bold has both a touch screen and a keyboard. Both devices run on the Blackberry OS 7 firmware and should be available for purchase in Britain by Christmas.

See the Bold after the break!

SOURCE: Gizmodo


The new BlackBerry Bold 9790 with keyboard and touch screen.

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