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The NYPD, on orders from Mayor Michael Bloomberg, raided Zuccotti Park an hour after midnight, violently clearing out protesters, arresting and trashing their tents and sleeping bags.

STORY: BATTLE NEW YORK! Police Empty Zuccotti Park Of Occupy Wall Street Protesters!

By 4:30 am, Zuccotti Park was spotless. The protesters relocated their movement to nearby Foley Square and while they were there a New York judge issued a temporary restraining order, allowing demonstrators to return to Zuccotti Park only hours after police forcibly removed them.

STORY: It Ain’t Over! Mayor Michael Bloomberg: “Make No Mistake, The Final Decision To Act Was Mine”

As of now, the demonstrators are prohibited from entering the park by the NYPD and are still awaiting official word that they can return to the site they’ve called home for the past two months. 

STORY: Occupy’s Back! OWS Protesters Allowed Back Into Zuccotti Park 

During the course of the day, journalists, writers, bloggers and protesters alike have been tweeting amazing photos of a revolution in action via their Twitter accounts.

We’ve compiled a great collection of those pics in the accompanying gallery. Take a look.

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