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A New York judge on Tuesday issued a temporary restraining order, allowing demonstrators to return to Zuccotti Park only hours after police forcibly removed them, arresting dozens.

As Reported By The New York Times:

After spending a portion of the morning at Canal Street and Avenue of the Americas, the Occupy Wall Street protesters marched back downtown to Zuccotti Park shortly after 10 a.m., under police escort, Matt Flegenheimer reports.

They found the park barricaded, and were penned in on the roadway of Liberty Street. The protesters waved copies of the court order allowing them back into the park, chanting “You are contempt of court” at the police.

Then, around 10:30 a.m., a man jumped the barricade and briefly entered the park. He was immediately grabbed by the police. Another man, shooting photographs from atop a phone booth, was dragged off and arrested too.

Zuccotti Park remains closed to protesters in direct contradiction of Justice Billing’s order.

It was not immediately clear what effect the order would have on the protesters meeting in nearby Foley Square. Some had advocated returning to the park.

The movement will not be stopped because of NYPD conducting a middle of night raid, the law is on the side of the Occupiers. Click here to read more

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