Oh, the irony!

Warner Brothers has been filming The Dark Knight Rises around New York City, using a fictional Wall Street as its backdrop.

That’s right, while protesters were occupying the real Wall Street, the Caped Crusader was doing the same in a battle against super villain Bane in the newest installment of the Batman Saga. 

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For two weeks, Batman star Christian Bale, along with Tom Hardy and Matthew Modine and with 1,000-plus actors, occupied Wall Street for an epic battle scene between thugs and Gotham City Police Department. 

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Although that scene has completed filming, The Dark Knight Rises will continue to shoot in various parts of the city over the coming months and will be released in July 2012.

We wonder if there’s any coincidence between Batman fighting evil powers on Wall Street and Occupiers doing the same? 

Images of the shoot are above in the gallery, see for yourself!

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