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Just like the rest of us, Drake hates sleeping alone. 

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Today is a big day for Canadian rapper Drake. Despite his sophomore album Take Care leaking a little over a week ago, Take Care hits store shelves today. 

The leaked version of Take Care didn’t include the bonus tracks off Drake’s new album, but for the fans who haven’t gone to their neighborhood music store, we bring you Drake’s “Hate Sleeping Alone.” 

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Drake kicks off the chill track rapping, “She says kiss me like you miss me/ f*ck me like you hate me/And when you’re f*cking someone else just f*ck her like she ain’t me/damn, those words are scary/those words are scary virgin Mary/ I just tell her to spare me.” 

“Hate Sleeping Alone” is an added bonus to the other 18 tracks Drake provides his fans.

Take Care is currently in stores now, so make sure you go cop Drake’s new album. 

Download “Hate Sleeping Alone” Here

Take a listen to “Hate Sleeping Alone” and tell us what you think below! 


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