Beyonce showed off her baby bump in all its glory, less than 24 hours after we asked her to show us the baby bump!

EXCLUSIVE BLOG: Beyonce Show Us That Baby Bump! 

Beyonce was down in Miami having a good time with friend Alex Rodriguez. The Yankee slugger hosted a bunch of his friends at his home, and it’s only right that huge Yankee fans Jay-Z and Beyonce swung on through.

Not to mention that Jay and Kanye’s Watch The Throne tour made a pit stop in Miami. 

Dressed in a gorgeous green gown, Bey’s coverup certainly showed off that blossoming baby bump!

PHOTOS: Beyonce Cheers On Her Hubby At MSG!

Daddy to be Jay-Z, is ready to be there for his future daughter.

He told GQ:

“Providing—that’s not love. Being there—that’s more important. I mean, we see that. We see that with all these rich socialites. They’re crying out for attention; they’re hurting for love. I’m not being judgmental—I’m just making an observation. They’re crying out for the love that maybe they didn’t get at home, and they got everything. All the material things that they need and want. So we know that’s not the key.”

So while the heir to the throne will have all the material things she needs, it’s good to know her parents are planning on being there for her.

Check out more pictures of Beyonce in Miami over at PopSugar.

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