Trust Nicole Scherzinger, but by her own admission she lies. 

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Nicole Scherzinger is bringing the heat with two new snippets from her forthcoming EP Killer Love

The first dance ballad entitled “Trust Me I Lie” battles the issues of trust and all the peril of love.

Nicole sings, “I won’t tell you, I will let you see, what you mean, cause you mean everything, when you’re there I’m scared of the way I feel.”

Take a listen to “Trust Me I Lie” below!

Nicole doesn’t stop at just one song, she shares a second track entitled “Tomorrow Never Dies” which definitely encompasses more of a pop sound.

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Nicole sings, “I can feel your heart beat under your black black leather, in your get-a-way car, boy take me away


Nicole’s been super busy being a judge on the hit reality series X-Factor, but that hasn’t stopped her from working on her new EP Killer Love

Killer Love is set to be released in early 2012. Tell us what you think about Nicole’s new music below!


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