Mariah Yeater is showing a more motherly side in the latest pictures of her to hit the internet.

In the new images, you can see Mariah feeding her four-month-old son Tristyn a bottle of milk.

PHOTOS: Mariah Yeater Looks Like A Good Mother In These Pics

The 20-year-old mother claims that she had sex with 17-year-old Justin Bieber after a concert in Los Angeles and he is the father of her child.

VIDEO: Mariah Yeater Storms Out Of First Interview About Bieber

During a brief video, you can hear the camera man ask her if she thinks the baby looks like Justin.

Mariah replies “Yes, he has his nose.” 

Justin, on the other hand, is not thinking about the allegations, as he continues to bash Mariah Yeater.

When asked what will happen when he comes face-to-face with the woman claiming to be his baby mother, Bieber says:

“Nothing, I wouldn’t waste my time… I guess (she’s done this) for attention, but it’s not something I am interested in. These people are not worth my thought or time.”

While the love child does have a lot of swag in his pictures, it’s still has not been determined if Justin Bieber is the father of the kid. A paternity test has been scheduled for December. 

Check out the video of Mariah Yeater saying her son looks like Bieber and be sure to check out our photo gallery!

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