I haven’t found the time to write a new article for the site for a while, so I thought it was about that time. Today is Friday and we’re about to delve into another weekend of adventure for those of us that like to take advantage of our last remaining days of warm weather and sunny skies. Funny thing is that on Sunday we posted on the site, Toni Toni Toni’s – It Never Rains (In Southern California), and sure enough, what happens on Wednesday? It rains in Southern California! So with the lowered temperatures, cloudy skies, and random chance of rain, I hate to be the bearer of bad news my friends, but the fall season is upon us! I actually love the fall though because we get to pull out all the dope jackets we keep stored in our closets.

On a side note .: I would recommend typing the keyword “fashion” in the top of our site and flip through the pages, so you could see what you have to look forward to purchasing this coming Fall/Winter seasons. Crooks & Castles and H&M have some pretty dope jackets coming out, and Nike & Louis Vuitton’s shoe game is 100 too!

So moving onward! Today’s topic for the day is supposed to be networking, and in my opinion Friday’s are the best day to touch on this topic because as we embark on our weekend adventures, we are going to go out about our days and have the opportunity to meet plenty of new people.

To keep it short because I’m sure you have plenty to do, I have a few key networking etiquette tips you should keep in mind while meeting new people and socializing.

1.     Be the initiator of a handshake when being introduced to a new person, especially when you notice that they have yet to lift their hand towards you.

For example, you show up to an event or party and your friend is like “Hey Brian this is Mike. Mike this is Brian.” And all Brian says is, “What’s Up!” Go ahead and look the person in the eyes, extend your hand, shake their hand and say “nice to meet you Brian!” I doubt they’ll reject your gesture and if they do . . .  F IT! You probably don’t need to kick it with that type of person anyways, so just keep it moving.

2.     Secondly, as I mentioned above, always look the person in the eyes and repeat their name when you are first meeting someone. This is especially important for you fellas that are meeting the parents this weekend. You better look the King in the eyes if you plan to keep his little Princess around for the long term. Also, repeating their name/s will help you to remember it down the road.

3.     True Proper Handshake. Guys! No other guy really likes shaking another dudes hand that has limp wrist. It’s not cool. Tighten up the wrist and give a proper handshake. Trust me, you could do it.

Now I’m going to take the handshake a step further for you fellas. When shaking hands, do not grab the other person’s hand as if you are trying to palm a fish. Instead stick out your index finger and only wrap your bottom t

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