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I am Stephanie Marie Guzman. I am a singer, artist, actress and creative writer. But above all things I am a believer of dreams, fate, and destiny. My belief in those three things have allowed me to conquer everything I’ve set out to accomplish in life. My journey started long ago, you weren’t there, but thank you for joining me now. This is going to be an incredible ride and I’m so grateful that you are willing to come with me.

See, I was born in the midwest, Saint Paul, Minnesota. My father, Hispanic, born and raised in a humble town in West Texas, came to Minnesota as a teenager looking for work. He was a farm laborer but came here upon hearing of greater opportunities. Here is when he met my mother, a blonde haired, green eyed Norwegian, originally from Wisconsin. They fell in love and the rest is history. My family didn’t have a lot, but I never knew it. We always had love.


My parents worked hard to provide for my brother and I, and even though they couldn’t give us everything we asked for they did urge us to believe in our dreams. Music was the heart of our household. We listened to everything from country to Motown. My father played the drums and guitar in a local band and their rehearsal space was set up in our basement. Looking back, maybe that atmosphere sparked my initial curiosity for music, but it was my deep rooted passion for music, that allowed it to grow and thrive. I never just listened to music. I felt it.

As time passed, talent shows, concerts, coronations, national anthems at athletic events, live cover bands, studio sessions, radio station concerts and more became the heart of my life. Up until this last year – I had accomplished quite a bit. I had performed everywhere and anywhere I could. Historic venues, night clubs, large sold out concerts for Radio One and Clear Channel affiliates. You name it – I did it.

It wasn’t enough. For me it’s never enough. My dream as a child has always been for the entire world to hear me sing. I’ll get there. In fact – I believe the time is right around the corner. In January of 2010 I met my current Manager, Johnny Miskeen. I had been completely hesitant and resistant to sign with another manager after less than ideal experiences with previous managers I’d had before. But Johnny was different, and I realized this after our first few conversations.


I had finally found someone that could see the vision I’ve always had for myself and my career. He understood who I was and where I wanted to be. And the magic was almost instant. Within a month, I signed with Johnny Miskeen and DreamWorld Records and in February 2010 we released, ‘Somethin Serious’ on the internet as a free download. The response we received was incredible. The buzz grew overnight as my song traveled worldwide. Industry blogs, mixtape sites, and social networking sites were all a buzz wondering who I was, and where this song had come from. I still remember watching my downloads soar and the first time I googled my name and pages of info popped up. But it was the legendary DJ Ill Will who really put my name on the map when he uploaded my song to his website, stating that ‘Her voice is like Amanda Perez and Mariah Carey’s Voices had a baby together.’ I credit my promotional capabilities and fan outreach strength to sites like Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, ReverbNation and now Global Grind. The music industry has changed and you either learn how to adapt and use your resources or you drown with the rest of the label heads who have yet to fi

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