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Capone and Noreaga are getting ready to drop their highly anticipated album, The War Report 2, the sequel to their debut album, The War Report. I got to sit down to discuss various topics with the Queens supergroup. We spoke about various topics, including their debut album, the new music industry and internet, Queens being represented, Nicki Minaj, and more.

CNN On The War Report:

Capone: Capone: ‘War Report 2, is basically the anniversary follow up to the War Report 2. This is  the fans’ album right here, this is definitely dedicated just for the fans, because the fans requested this album more than anything in the world. So what we wanted to do is bring NY music to the forefront, like how we did it before with the first album.’

Nore: ‘Originally we had the idea instead of doing the war report 2, we were going to call it Report The War which is the opposite of War Report and we were gonna switch it backwards, instead of “Blood Money” we do “Money Blood”, instead of “illegal Life”, “Life Illegal”. But when we started the recording process, it didn’t actually work like that, so we just let it flow the way it was supposed to be flowing.”

CNN On The Internet Game & New Media:
Nore: “It’s crazy because is you pay attention to the internet and if you’re trying to create a buzz through the internet, you have to be consistent because if a record is out for a week, it’s already old to webheads. That’s crazy to me, so in order to stay fresh you gotta hit people with another record, so I like it, but I don’t like it b/c if you don’t care about the record you can keep throwing out joints.’

Capone: ‘I think for us it’s the best thing because we came out in an era without the net where it wasn’t a focal point of selling records or just being seen and we made noise and we did it on an independent label, so now its like what if we hadn’t back then, now we got it so maybe it can be for our benefit. I kind of dig it. I just gotta get up on my ‘net game more, but I’m aight though.’

CNN On Queens Rappers & Nicki Minaj:

Nore: ‘I ain’t gonna front, I like Nicki Minaj. One, because she’s from Queens, and 2, because she’s the hottest female out. But I don’t be hearing her rep Queens. It’s crazy because Queens is the biggest borough, you cant just say you from Queens. Its like Richmond Hill, or Forest Hills, or 40 Projects, or Baisley, or Rocksdale, Corona, Jackson Heights, Queens Bridge, you gotta rep you know what I’m saying. So I actually hear where she from, but I would feel more comfortable if she got on some “Queens Bitch” and she just dissed somebody and said Queens bitch. Put on the purple wig with the yellow eyebrows cause she going for the Lady Gaga of hip hop, so we just need to know where you from, cause you don’t need our cosign, but where you raised at gotta be proud of you so niggas wanna be proud of you but niggas don’t know where exactly she’s from, but big her up.

CNN On Advice for Aspirin

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