One of the biggest foreign policy issues for the United States is how to deal with Iran’s nuclear development process.

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Iran and the United States have had an extremely strenuous relationship over the last several decades. Any advancement in nuclear technology in Iran is thus deemed a threat to national security.

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In addition, Iran has an extremely hostile relationship with one of the United States’ greatest allies, Israel.

On Wednesday, Iran broadcast a ceremony celebrating the creation of their first nuclear fuel rod. The development of the fuel rod puts the nation one step closer to developing an atomic bomb.

Iran maintains that their development of nuclear technology will only be used for nuclear reactors, which will only serve medical, research and energy purposes. However, Western nations believe Iran is developing their nuclear technology so they can successfully create an atomic bomb.

Israel and its Western allies have reason to not trust Iran, under the influence of Ahmadinejad, with nuclear technology. This is a man who admitted to millions he’d have no problem with Israel being wiped off the face of the map.

GlobalGrind has put together a list of rulers who look to develop nuclear technology and should be stopped!


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