Kim Kardashian is widely considered one of the most attractive women in the universe.

DETAILS: Reggie To Kim: I Don’t Love You Any More

She wears a bikini like the best of them. She fills out a pair of spandex like water inside a balloon. Kim Kardashian is so damn hot, that if the sun stopped burning, all NASA would have to do is fly Kim into space and then leave her there. 

Kim would supply the world with so much heat, we’d never need to see the sun again! 

PHOTOS: Kim K Gets Sexy and Sassy For Instagram

Alright, maybe not, but you get our point. Kim is fire. With that said, she also has the most doppelgangers we’ve ever seen. 

It’s like every week there is a different woman who looks exactly like Kim, and they all seem to end up dating Reggie Bush! 

So with the news of Reggie’s latest Kim K. look-alike, we decided to highlight some women who resemble the Kardashian queen. Take a look at the photo gallery and tell us if you agree. 

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