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From the NBA lockout, to being traded by the Lakers to the Mavericks and then D-listed, Kobe’s former sixth man Lamar Odom has been having a horrible season.

But after a stint on a D-league team that was shorter than Britney Spears’ first marriage, LamLam was called back to play for Dallas last night’s game against the Utah Jazz, reports ESPN.

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According to Celebuzz,

The basketball star recently took some time off due to family matters. The sport site reports that Lamar had previously met with Mavs owner Mark Cuban and his agent, Jeff Schwartz, to come up with a timetable that would “ease Odom back into the fold after his weeklong personal leave.”

Of course Lamar’s ride or die Khloe was right there cheering her man on from the stands, but Khloe may have been plotting her next move the whole game.

The reality star may be making an appearance on a new show, Cheaters. No, she isn’t going to be sneaking up on Lamar, but she will help some disgruntled lovers seek justice.

Radar Online reports:

Kardashian interviewed Cheaters host Joey Greco on her new radio show The Mix Up where she spoke about how much she loved the program that catches unfaithful lovers in the act.

The show’s producers have agreed to her plea to be a part of the team and Khloé will appear in an upcoming episode of the show which is now in its 12th season.

Khloé will go along with the crew during a bust and will operate a hidden camera while the confrontation between the exposed cheater goes down. Much of the show is filmed in Khloé’s new home town of Dallas, Texas, making it an easy commute for the basketball wife.

We have a penchant that those NBA wives are going to be begging Khloe for assistance soon.

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