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Earlier today, Barack Obama delivered a reassuring press conference; displaying his wit, humor, and intelligence.

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The President spoke on all the major hot topics in the news, such as Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, Rush Limbaugh’s slut comment regarding Sandra Flute, Syria’s brutal Assad regime, and Israeli and Afghan relations.

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As usual, Obama kept his cool the entire time, despite some questions from reporters that were obviously structured to spark controversy.

When asked to comment on insulting statements made against him by Mitt Romney, the President simply wished his opponent good luck for tonight’s Super Tuesday elections.

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The President also proved why we love him for his wit. When asked if he thought Rush Limbaugh’s apology for his comment regarding Sandra Flute being “slut” and a “prostitute” was “heartfelt,” the President simply responded saying, “I don’t know what’s in Rush Limbaugh’s heart.”

Check out our list of quotes made by the President in his press conference this afternoon below.

Comments on Syria:

1. “What’s happening in is heartbreaking and outrageous… it’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when Assad leaves.”

2. “The notion that to solve every problem is to deploy the military has not been true in past and is not true now.”

3. “Unilateral action against Syria would be a mistake; issue more complicated than Libya.”

Comments Regarding Israel:

4. “I’m not the first President cause of a whole range of issues, not to visit Israel in my 1st term as President.”

Regarding Rush Limbaugh’s calling Sandra Flute a slut and prostitute for voicing her opinion:

5. “Being part of a democracy involves arguments, disagreements, and debate.”

On Women Voters:

6. “I believe that Democrats have a better story to tell to women about how we are going to solidify the middle class.”

7. “I’m not someone who believes that women are single issue voters.”

On Immigration Reform:

8. “Every American should want immigration reform, we’ve got a system that’s broken.”

9. “We are making sure companies aren’t being able to take advantage of undocumented citizens…”

On Mitt Romney:

10. “Good luck tonight. Really.”

On Afghanistan:

11. “Yes, the situation of the Koran burning concerns me.”

12. “We are going to have to find a mechanism of where Afghans feel their sovereignty is being respected.”

13. “One of the incredible things about our military is when they know the objective… they get the job done.”

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