Karl Lagerfeld’s day-to-day is just like yours, you know the norm of hanging out with celebrities, photographing all the big names in the industry, and guest editing almost every major print publication while designing clothing. 

That sounds exactly like the day-in-the-life the fashion mogul, and while us common folk can’t indulge in any type of glamour parallel to that of the white haired fashion maven, Karl is inviting us into his world with his new blog.

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The web launch is an attempt to celebrate the arrival of his new masstige collection for his brand and includes e-commerce, lookbooks and a Tumblr style blog. 

In addition to the aforementioned, his website includes a more personal side, sharing photos of his friends, like Azealia Banks, and a behind the scenes look at his photo shoots and dinner parties which, in actuality, isn’t too different from the stuff us commoners post on our blogs at all.

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We would be telling a bold face fib if we didn’t admit that Karl joining the blog-a-sphere depreciated the value of almost every fashion blog, what fashion enthusiast wouldn’t want to know Lagerfeld’s every single fabulous move?

Be sure to take a trip over to Karl’s World to experience the fashion magic for yourself.

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