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This weekend at the Spring meeting with the national board of National Association of Black Journalists, the board got the opportunity to interview Daryl D. Parks, the lawyer who is representing the late Trayvon Martin’s family in a battle to bring justice to the man who murdered the innocent 17-year-old.

As nearly the entire U.S. rallies up in support of not only persecuting 28-year-old neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman who shot and killed Trayvon Martin in a gated Florida community because he looked suspicious in his black hoodie.

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The meeting with Daryl Parks shed some light on the legal team’s strategy for the most talked about case right now.

Although he doubts Travyon’s killer will be indicted with a federal hate crime, Parks said he is increasingly hopeful that the gunman, George Zimmerman, will face state criminal charges.

The family’s attorney said that although it is clear that race played a role in Trayvon’s murder that it is going to be a difficult feat to pin Zimmerman on hate charges, and the case is very high priority.

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“It was rather clear that the attorney general is quite aware of the situation, and they have devoted a great deal of resources to this matter,” Parks said. “It’s very clear that this is a very high priority for this administration.” 

Daryl also stated that the Martin family believes Sanford police actively covered up the racial component to protect Zimmerman.

“Trayvon’s situation is very tragic for this family and, I think, for every black person who lives in America,” Parks said. “We all know many situations where the person of color was not given the benefit of the doubt. That’s a subtlety in America that a lot of people don’t talk about.”

Parks said he hasn’t seen any photo or video evidence documenting any injuries sustained by Zimmerman during the altercation with Trayvon. He also said Trayvon’s girlfriend, whom attorneys say spoke with him just moments before his death, has yet to give a statement to police.

“George Zimmerman is trying to turn the story around,” Parks said. “At this point … you charge the guy. If he wants to try to explain it away, explain it to the jury.”

As for the outpour of support that the family has been receiving from celebrities, athletes and even Oprah, have reached out in support of justice being brought to Trayvon’s murder Daryl thinks that this is the time that America should use to speak up.

“I don’t think it’s a political statement,” Parks said of the professional athletes who’ve expressed support. “Trayvon’s situation speaks to all of us. We’ve all had some situations where we felt that race played an issue … and they can identify with that.”

Rallies and support groups nationwide have cropped up demanding that we not only bring justice to Travyon’s murderer, but reform views on black men in America.

We are all Trayvon Martin.

SOURCE: National Association of Black Journalists


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