Usually the opening act of a concert is an artist that no one has ever heard of. Everyone stands around wondering, “Who is this person?” That was not the case on Friday night!

VIDEO: Ed Sheeran “Small Bump”

Ed Sheeran opened for Snow Patrol at Terminal 5 in NYC to a sold out crowd. With his acoustic guitar in hand, the British singer-songwriter, who has written songs for One Direction, performed popular tracks like “Grade 8” and “Give Me Love” off his recently released EP, The A-Team. 

If you judged him based off his appearance, you could never guess the talent within. The 21-year-old, who has become the highest selling debut artist in the UK, was dressed in normal skater gear – shorts, t-shirt, sneakers and scruffy hair.

Throughout his performance I wondered why his fan base was so attracted to him. He wasn’t a part of a five member boy band, he had no background dancers or singers, and quite honestly, he wasnt too attractive-although one fan did scream, “You’re the hottest red-head ever!” 

I soon realized his lyrics and musical abilities go far beyond the superficiality of a huge musical production. 

DOWNLOAD: Ed Sheeran & Yelawolf Release Collaborative ‘Slumdon Bridge’ EP

Mixing in a little hip-hop, Ed also performed his own cover of 50 Cent’s “In Da Club,” giving him the ability to be a versatile artist.

Hours before the show, Ed became ill, tweeting:

“I seem to have some sort of flu, everyone send me your remedies, i need to be in tip top shape in 30 minutes”

But you would have never been able to tell!

The Atlantic Records signee is definitely looking to make his imprint in the states, as he has already done so in the UK, selling more than 1.2 million records.

Be sure to check out the gallery above for photos of both Ed Sheeran and Snow Patrol performing live at Terminal 5.

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