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I recently had a chance to sit down and chop it up with singer/actor/dancer and all around entertainer, Omarion. With all his fame, he still had no problem showing his personable side. He’s been in the game for many years, despite his young age, so it’s great to see that he is still humble.

He wasn’t always the successful solo artist you see today. His original success came with his former R&B group, B2K. Despite B2K’s breakup and rumors and allegations of wrong-doings within the group, Omarion remembers where he came from:

‘It’s always been an interesting relationship between us because we came up while we were kids. Now everyone is kind of grown and matured. A couple a weeks ago I got a phone call from Fizz and before I had this conversation with him I felt some kind of way because I always realize B2k is what Destiny’s Child was for Beyonce. It was people saw here first, people are always respect Destiny’s child because that’s where Beyonce started so I recognize that with B2K.’


Even with B2K’s breakup, Omarion wouldn’t let that stop him from doing what he loves. He continued on with a solo career, releasing his own albums and making power moves. Right before his most recent project, Ollusion dropped, Omarion had signed to Lil Wayne’s Young Money label. But before the ink could fully dry, it was announced that he wasn’t going to be joining the YM crew after all.

‘A lot of people knew that I was apart of Young Money and then they heard that I got dropped, so there was a lot of speculation on what happened with that situation and that situation was interesting in itself too because a lot of people didn’t understand because they were saying you with Young Money and there hot right now, that’s a dope idea. From the outside looking in, I totally feel why people felt that and that’s the reason why I decided to holla at Wayne and especially because I asked to be released from SONY and I was in search to really find a home, not a place where I could kinda say its hot to be around Wayne. I wasn’t really lookin for that I was looking for a long term relationship and a place where I could really build as an artist. In the beginning it really felt like that with Wayne but it was so much that Wayne had going on, he had so many artist and everyone is collectively getting there opportunity but because I’ve had experience, because I am a certain artsist that has sold a certain amount of records and I’ve done certain venues and arenas. So a lot of what he came up in, I’ve came up in just as equal and had equal success so business wise it wasn’t something that at the end of the day I wanted to be connected to, it was a personal decision it was a life decision. At the end of the day it’s not any bad feeling or anything,  I still have super respect for him as well as he does me. It was pretty much a decision I just had to make.’


Although O didn’t ride with Young Money, he proceeded to carry out his plans and release Ollusion as scheduled. The album itself has been getting great feedback and Omarion sees that people are in fact taking a liking to his new music.

‘I have been getting super good feedback, especially from people who didn’t know what to expect from my third album because I have taken a little time away. The response has just been great, Speedin’ up to date with the album, is just the biggest record that I have on th

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