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We all had Them, we All Wanted Them, we All Wore them. We at GG would like to excuse and forgive you for making these horrible fashion choices, but we warn you, DO NOT EVER TRY AGAIN. Here is a break down of the 8 worst fashion trends in history. You’ve been warned.


I remember when Chinese slippers came out back in 2004. They were like the worst looking shoes EVER, yet they were so popular. the slipper, which either came in a whole slew of colors for the low price of $3 dollars or 2/$5. They were popular among the teen set, but will forever go down in worst trend ever history.



Every girl and flamboyant boy I knew had a name belt. They’re were a variety (plane, crystal encrusted, colored) but we at Global Grind all agree unanimously that it was UGLY.



If we called name belts ugly, what do we have to say for LCD belts? What was only meant for Korean deli’s in Brooklyn was now something that people proudly wore around their waist. Never Again.



They may be comfortable, but that doesn’t mean that they should be worn in public. These colorful shoes even caught on with the Hollywood set, shooting their fame up into the stratosphere.



Well I fell victim to this trend (I spent a week’s Summer youth paycheck on a Von Dutch bowler bag) but it is a must in my list. The whole paint splattered, crystal encrusted, graffiti clothing was just all together kind of hard to look at. We ban these looks, even if they are still a favorite among the Jersey Shore crowd.



Maybe these made my list because I always wanted one, yet my mom refused to pay a $100+ price tag for some terry cloth, but that’s besides the point. These sweatsuit were everywhere. It was cute when the high school junior was wearing it, but when someone’s 50 mom walked by with with Juicy written across their ass, that was the end of it. Period.



Everytime I think of a poncho, I think of Ugly Betty. End of story


The last worst trend is for the guys. Please, this needs to end. Now I really hate baggy jeans, but taking it to the opposite extreme is neither flattering or necessary. As Jay-Z famously says ‘I don’t wear skinny jeans because my knots don’t fit’ Men, take note

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