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I am honored to be given the opportunity to join  the Global Grind community and have the opportunity, to respond to the lies and misconceptions swirling since the debut of my show the Basketball Wives especially on such a highly respected platform!!  I appreciate the chance to clear the air on some things and to give those that are interested a little insight into my life outside of the show. First I would like to address the most talked about topic surrounding my life these days…. my PRIVATE nude photos that were leaked.


It all started a few months ago when my computer was hacked unbeknownst to me. Prior to me learning that my computer was hacked, and my privacy had been violated I had been dealing with annoying derogatory emails and text messages. Initially I didn’t give them much thought because I am blessed to have so many positive things and people in my life to focus on that I wasn’t going to allow myself to waste my time or energy engaging negative people.  That was until my daughter started getting harassing messages as well.


Obviously, once my daughter was targeted as a parent I had to get the situation further investigated.  The situation is currently still under investigation so therefore, I won’t go into the specifics or the legalities of the situation but in due time, the truth will be revealed I can say that the person who hacked into my computer sent me my own photos, and told me that they hoped Basketball Wives was a success because they planned to make money off of me!  I took those photos in the privacy of my own home for the viewing of my significant other with no intention of them ever being made public .

I am a grown woman who is proud of her body.  Point Blank. My only concern during this whole ordeal has been my daughter who is a high school student and for my family who have always been loving and supportive. This situation was a violation to all of us but the reality is that it is to be expected when people seek to exploit.  There will always be someone out there that will try to knock you down but this Rican from the Bronx is resilient and will never let someone steal my inner and outer joy!

I want to thank all those who have been supportive and who have reached out to show me love. It’s appreciated! : Please continue to support the show as I continue to discover and explore all the wonderful blessings God has in store for my life )

P.S. Stay tuned to Basketball Wives and I’ll be back next week to update on the life of

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