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It may or may not be the end of a chapter in Nicki Minaj‘s life.

Since she was recently spotted with a new mystery man all week, many fans of the Head Barb in Charge are wondering: What happened to Safaree?

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Scaff Beezy standing next to his girl wherever she goes, and no one knows for sure if they’re even still together or talking.

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Even though we don’t know where their relationship stands to this day, looking back on their history, these two have had a long run as it is.

From taking over the underground hip-hop scene in NYC with their rap group called Hood$tars back in the day, to turning it up when they hit the arena stage, these two have worked hard together to launch Nicki’s career through the roof.

Not only has Scaff watched her go through it all, he’s always been her right-hand man in front of the fans and cameras, as well as behind the scenes.

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If these two have closed that chapter in each other’s lives, they can’t forget the incredible memories they’ve shared together.

Check out the gallery to take a look back on Nicki and Safaree’s relationship over the years!

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