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Why is Adele carrying Blue Ivy Carter around?

If you thought Beyonce was over the top, only publishing photos of the back of her daughter’s head, Adele might be the private mother on steroids.

Something dramatic happened in 2012.

In the era of share everything on social media, a few folks stopped sharing. Beyonce released pictures of her daughter shortly after she was born and spent the next year keeping baby Blue a secret, away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi. 

Adele is going to extremes to protect her child from fans who love her, reporters and the evil paparazzi. She’s going so far that she hasn’t even released the baby’s name yet. We think she called her child son, or boy, or maybe baby. We are left to assume. 

Beyonce is playing peek-a-boo with Blue. She showed us her child once and never again. Sure, we caught grainy glimpses of the little girl’s face and we have a boatload of pictures of Blue Ivy’s feet and the back of her head … but seriously! 

At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Adele’s no named child walking around the streets wearing a Finn The Human mask the way Paris, Blanket and Prince Michael Jackson used to run the streets with their father. 

Michael Jackson went to great lengths to hide his kids, but why? Sure, the paps are mean, obnoxious and intrusive, but unfortunately they are the gateway for fans who love celebrities.

Logic would say, show the baby and bring the demand for the child’s picture down, but instead the most loving celebrities engage in the Antoine Dodson philosophy of parenting: Hide yo kids! Hide their life. 

The GlobalGrind reader enjoys the back of Blue Ivy’s head as much as the next person, but can you imagine how much they would love the front of her face? 

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