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Photos found of two other girls are now suggesting that the football stars involved in the Steubenville, Ohio rape case are a part of a larger “rape” gang that sexually assault teenage girls.

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Just recently, the Anonymous sub-group KnightSec released a lengthy report with details regarding the events that happened on August 11, 2012, the night of the alleged Steubenville rape. In that report, they referred to a group of students on the football team that peers referred to as “The Rape Crew.” 

While this group moniker was never confirmed by police, new details emerging about the case are shedding light on the number of “conquests” (read sexual assaults) that the group is connected to.

Most shocking are images found on a cell phone showing two more girls, facedown and partially naked on the same basement floor where the 16-year-old victim of the August case was allegedly raped.

The pictures were found in the cell phone of friend and teammate of Ma’lik Richmond and Trent Mays, but it is not clear if it was taken on the same night as the alleged rape.

According to the Daily Mail:

The pictures show two girls, both face down and in a state of undress on the carpet. They are strikingly similar to an image taken in August and produced as evidence at the hearing. It shows the 16-year-old at the centre of the current investigation stripped naked and lying face down, on that same basement floor, identifiable by its distinctive carpet.

Her arms are tucked underneath her and, according to eyewitness accounts, she was silent, motionless and unconscious as the accused carried out sexual acts on her and some of those present recorded it on their cell phones.

In all, 15 cell phones were confiscated by police from football players and students who attended the parties in August. Most images and videos taken on those devices were deleted, which means the teens won’t face criminal charges.

The Daily Mail has compiled more details about the alleged rape:

By the time she had reached the second party, a five-minute car-ride away, she was ‘very drunk… she wasn’t fully capable of walking on her own. She was like stumbling as she was walking. Trent and Ma’lik helped her.’

She vomited in the street on leaving that party before getting into a car with Richmond, Mays and two other guys. The first alleged assault took place in the back of that car.

While Mays sat in the middle the alleged victim sat behind the driver. On the drive to the second house Mays allegedly digitally penetrated her and exposed her breasts. One of the witnesses admitted to filming it, but subsequently deleted the footage.

‘She was kind of talking,’ he said. ‘But I couldn’t make out the words that she was saying.’

By the time the final house of the night was reached, ‘She wasn’t really saying anything.’

An image circulated of the 16-year-old slumped between two males, one holding her ankles, the other holding her wrists, and was posted on Instagram at 1.04am. In it she is clothed.

But by the time she was being carried into the final basement in a similar fashion, according to one eye witness, her shirt was off. She was sick one further time and, the transcript records: ‘Was sitting on the floor… then she fell to her side..’

According to KnightSec’s “Local Leaks,” this incident isn’t the first for the “Rape Crew.”

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They also suggest that a webmaster for the local fan page of the football team is involved and is knowledgeable about these “banger” parties:

Tips received from anonymous high school students in Steubenville have indicated it is possible James Parks was receiving images from “The Rape Crew” of their various “conquests.”

Officials believe it will be hard to determine if the underage victim allegedly assaulted by Mays and Richmond was intoxicated or drugged, because it was too late to take toxicology tests. She also showered before doctors were able to examine her for DNA.

This story is developing. GlobalGrind will keep you updated.

SOURCE: Daily Mail | LocalLeaks

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