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No matter how much of a star she becomes, we will always remember one thing about Beyonce: Her start as a member of Destiny’s Child. 

She may sell out arenas, have the most popular rapper as her husband and wear clothes from just about every high fashion designer, but we will never, ever, ever forget Beyonce’s days of eccentric outfits alongside her fellow, and ever-changing, members of Destiny’s Child. 

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Fresh from the sewing machine of Mama Tina Knowles, the Destiny’s Child outfits always had one simple formula: Over the top individuality. 

While the girls were never clad in the same exact outfits, Tina always managed to coordinate them in matching fabrics.

Sometimes the outfits were fun, sometimes they were sexy. Sometimes they were metallic with cowboy hats and fringe, but of course they were always very flamboyant and very Destiny’s Child. 

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With the news of Destiny’s Child’s return, and rumors that Michelle and Kelly will be joining Beyonce at her Super Bowl performance, we couldn’t help but think back to a time of bootylicious dance moves and Supreme style costumes circa the new millennium. And of course we couldn’t help but wonder (and kind of wish) if the ladies will pull together another look like this for their big reunion reveal. 

So while you reminisce about owning Writing’s on the Wall on cassette tape, take a look at some of Destiny’s Child’s memorable red carpet looks in the gallery above.

Blue Ivy will revel in teasing her mommy about these outfits some day. 

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