Ain’t no party like Justin Bieber party because at a JB party the pot doesn’t stop. 

DETAILS: Justin Bieber Admits “I Make Mistakes…”

According to sources Bieber’s reckless friends threw a smoke party at Justin Bieber’s house.

PHOTOS: Justin Bieber Under Investigation… 

TMZ reports that a partygoer spilled the news about the bash thrown inside Bieber’s crib. 

None other than Lil Twist, the dude who was seen smoking it up with Justin earlier this year, threw the bash.

We’re told Twist and another friend — who were staying in the house while Justin was in Europe — invited 40 girls to the house on March 19.

Honestly it sounds like this party was the place to be. Head over to TMZ to see those pictures

Luckily the bash went off without a problems as TMZ reports that no neighbors complained even after the party going snitch said they left around 2 and the bash was still going on. 

Seems like the allegations Bieber’s neighbors pinned on the superstar are still going on too. An eyewitness to the argument is saying that JB did indeed spit on his neighbor, on top of that the neighbor’s wife called the Biebs a punk.

“He’s a punk. He thinks he’s invincible. He can’t continue to have a bunch of enablers around him.” FYI, there are reports Jeff said this, but it was Suzie. Suzie also tells TMZ, “Spitting on someone is unacceptable. He can’t do this to people.”

Ouch! Looks like wifey is sticking up for her hubby, she’s a ride or die chick.


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