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Is it too early to start calling her the “Nutcracker?”

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The trial has finally begun for a woman who cut off her husband’s penis and threw it in the garbage disposal. In 2011, Catherine Kieu, 50, drugged her husband with tofu (how healthy), tied him up, then cut off his package with a 10-inch kitchen knife. 

Then, she threw it in the garbage disposal. In other words, Catherine was MAD!

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But what pushed her to do such a thing?

One theory suggests that Kieu was upset by houseguests staying with her family. But Kieu’s attorney offered up other, sadder and more plausible-sounding, reasons.

Deputy Public Defender Frank Bittar told jurors that Kieu’s traumatic childhood in war-torn Vietnam caused mental illness that bars her from a mayhem or torture conviction.

Bittar said Kieu met the victim at a gym, and after they married he subjected her to sexual and verbal abuse, and filed for divorce while they continued to live together in his Garden Grove home.

Damn, that is really sad. Seems like her husband isn’t the only one who needs time to heal.

SOURCE: Gawker

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