This weekend, I had an epiphany. Blue Ivy is the new Gabby Douglas.

Last week, Beyonce and Jay-Z removed the veil from Blue Ivy’s face and took their child to lunch. While this stopped all the barking of “when will we see Blue’s face?” it sparked another gripe the public has with King Bey:

“When will she do Blue Ivy’s hair?”

All weekend long, Jay and Beyonce’s baby was the butt of Internet jokes, memes and tweets. It started out innocently enough, but quickly turned in a new direction.

“Blue Ivy would be so cute if they just combed her hair.”

Black people and their issue with hair. It pops up again. Tweet after tweet, comment after comment. A quick search of ‘Blue Ivy Hair’ on Twitter pulls up millions of tweets.

One person tweeted, “I think Blue Ivy is so cute…they just need to do her hair. All that money but that baby looking like she popped out ShaNaeNae pum not Beys”

Come on people, the child is 1! Her hair hasn’t even grown in evenly yet, and you would think people want Beyonce to put Yaki weave or Indian Remi in the kid’s hair. Blue Ivy is still in the ‘Put some Miss Jessie on her scalp, throw a headband on and go’ phase of being a baby.

There is nothing wrong with that child’s hair. It’s going to grow to be long and silky and if for some reason it doesn’t, Blue will have the best hairdresser working on her mane by the time she’s 10. So just be a bit patient and cut the girl some slack.

That’s my opinion, I want to know yours.

What do you think of Blue Ivy’s hair?

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