When we first heard General Larry Platt on American Idol singing Pants on the Ground we laughed like until milked came shooting from our nostrils, but it turns out he might have swagger jacked his viral hit.

According to the 62-year-old ‘American Idol’ contestant General Larry Platt, who seemingly wrote the song and performed in on the reality show earlier this month.

Now the Green Brothers of Highland Park, Michigan, are trying to take credit. The brothers wrote to MyFox Detroit that the similarities between Platt’s song and their 1996 recording ‘Back Pockets on the Floor’ are more than coincidence, and they want the world to see their version.

I listened to the Green Brother’s version of the song and while they are similar I am not willing to say he jacked their tune. I mean it’s not hard to come up with the idea of someone looking like a fool walking around trying to keep their pants from falling on the ground, but intentionally putting them almost on the ground. You feel me?

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