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As I got up this morning and did my 5 minute meditation. I thought to myself.

How many teens are meditating before they go to school? How many teens would think that I was a super lame person for mentally preparing myself daily to help others and to be the change this world needs.

I want to encourage everyone not to conform. But think outside the box.

I understand that some of you are young and have been taught to follow or conform. While others are a little older and set in your ways of doing things and set in what happens to you. This is not always the best for you or our communities I can remember a story that my three year old brother told me six months ago. His Pre-K teacher asked him to stay in the line to the bathroom to stay in line for lunch and to color in the lines in class. He was sad I asked why. He said the teacher thought he was coloring a circle, he said no I am coloring the world the world can’t fit on my paper. My three year old brother gets it.

He thinks out of the box and does not want to always stay in line.

We as Human need to wake up Black Brown and White we all bleed red.


Society has becomes more ricualized. We as humans have lose meaning to live and people’s quality of life has diminished because of it. Why has teen suicide levels are the third leading cause of death for youths (ages 15-24) Why are teens being killed ? Why are we chasing green paper? Because when you take away creativity you taking away true meaning of life.

Although staying in line has brought what we call a civil society it has caused humanity to lose focus of what separates us from all other animals. Humans are not meant to walk to one beat., there is a reason why we have feelings, emotions, and passions and don’t act on them.. We have suppressed these special feelings God gave us and maybe if we all just take the time to listen we would not forget to say I love you to family members. We would feel for they children that are dieing everyday.

It is my belief that if we continue to think inside the box we will eventually lead to mankind’s destruction . and the only way to prevent this is for us all to think out side the box . People need to stop for one second and ask themselves what are we here for. What is our purpose. If not to serve. When we can finally answer those questions then humanity will finally Think Out side the box.

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