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Breaking Bad has come to an end and while Mr. White and Jesse Pinkman will live in our hearts forever, so will many of the other characters. Even the ones they killed off.

Warning this post has SPOILERS!

Walter White Jr. aka Flynn, for example, he’s the king of Breakfast. Our boy Hank ASAC Schrader collects minerals and when he got popped, well, tears flowed from our eyes. Those are two major characters, but we feel the same way about very minor characters as well. Ask any Breaking Bad fan who Drew Sharp is and they’ll tell you he’s the straw that finally broke Jesse’s back, even though he was only on air for about 2 minutes tops (and even though Jesse would be broken a few more times after that.)

Anyway, the point is that Vince Gilligan and his staff penned some of the greatest characters television has ever known. So we decided to rank the characters from Breaking Bad from the ones we hated to the ones we loved the most.

We’ve excluded the family because, well, this show is all about family and you’re supposed to love your family. Right?

Ted Beneke is probably one of the most hated characters on the show. Not because he’s a vile villain who poisoned a kid, but rather he had an affair with Skylar and when she tried to help him out he became a selfish bastard who jeopardized the whole organization!


Jane had us rooting for her at first, but then she turned into a junkie and in the words of Gus Fring, never trust a junkie. So when she met her demise we weren’t that upset.


Gale was supposed to be Walt’s replacement and his silly gifts got Walt fingered. You can’t replace the king!

Gretchen and Elliot pretty much stole Walt’s company and took all the credit for it. Gretchen got all angry when she found out Walt was using her for a lie, and then after they went on Charlie Rose… Eh!


Tuco was a bully. He beat up Jesse, killed one of his own henchmen and was an all around mad man. He gave us some great moments in Breaking Bad, but we were glad to see him go!


Lydia – She’s not about that life she just acts like it on TV. We never really liked her but she was good at making us hate her.


The Cousins: Two bad ass henchmen who killed without any remorse. They were riders and while they were a bit ruthless we liked their gangster.


Hector Salamanca! Ding, ding, ding, ding.


Gomez! While he and Hank had their battles, they always respected each other. They were ride or die homies to the end. We shed tears for our boy Gomie.


Skinny Pete and Badger – Jesse’s friends were our friends too, seeing them again on the series finally was the icing on the cake for a great finale and an amazing series.


Todd is a legit psychopath, he killed Drew Sharp, melted bodies with Walt with no questions asked and locked Jesse in a car to cook meth among other things. We hated him, but we hated him so much that he’s high on our list.


Mike was a no-nonsense type of guy. He was a killer but he was our killer. He’s the type of bad guy you hate to see go. That means we loved him. 


Gus Fring aka the top bad guy in the game. Not only was he our favorite villain from Breaking  Bad, aside from Walter White, he might have went out like a true boss.


There are criminal lawyers and there are criminal lawyers and Saul Goodman is as sleezy as they come. He was so lovable in his role as Walt’s lawyer he got his own spinoff. If you want to know what that’s going to be like just check out this webisode.


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