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Good God Almighty, Ciara is sexy.

Ciara is a hard-bodied, soft spoken singer whose femininity oozes with every hip roll. Early on in her career, Ciara bragged about her “Goodies,” and now, we’re thinking we should’ve paid closer attention to the “Body Party” temptress.

We’ve always thought Ciara was sexy, but since her recent engagement to rapper Future, the “Sorry” singer has exuded a new kind of sexy – a wifed up sexy.

Besides being absolutely beautiful (the obvious), Ciara’s also super talented, and as we can see via these gifs, the girl has skills.

So in honor of Ciara’s recent engagement and natural beauty, GlobalGrind rounded up 19 pictures of the singer being nothing more than sexy.

Although we have plenty of pictures of Ciara baring it all, we also wanted to include naturally sexy pictures of the singer living her everyday life, including her “like a boy” moments.

So here’s to Ciara and her engagement…

Check out 19 super sexy pictures of Ciara down under.

19 Super Sexy Photos Of Ciara
19 photos

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