Kids are awesome.

There’s no denying that kids make the world a better place with their witty sense of humor, creativity, fearlessness and pure innocence.

Earlier this week, Jimmy Kimmel asked parents around the nation to submit videos of them pranking their children by telling them they ate all of their Halloween candy.

Of course, some of the kids shed uncontrollable tears, but to our surprise, most of the kids had pretty hilarious and explicit responses.

So to honor children’s amazingness, we decided to round up 19 reasons why they make our world a better place. Check them all out below.

1. They’re cute.

2. They never give up.

3. They have the best dance moves.

Like really good dance moves.

4. They’re resourceful.

5. They admit their ignorance. 

6. They’re fearless.

7. The little things in life still give them joy.

8. They’re compassionate.

9. They understand that teamwork makes the dream work.

10. They’re thrill seekers.

11. They’re always down to help a friend in need. 

12. They’ll try anything at least once. 

13. They’re so eager to learn.

14. They do what they feel.

15. They have a great sense of humor.

16. They’re crafty.

17. They don’t care about society’s view on gender roles.

18. They’re all for equality.

19. They’re honest.

Basically, kids rock.

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