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Every Thursday night, Black Twitter comes alive when Scandal comes on, as they watch the interactions between Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald.

Women love Fitz and Liv’s relationship. Case in point:

While women want a man like Fitz, they don’t really want a man like Fitz to prove this fact! I’ve come up with 5 things about Liv and Fitz’s romance that women should never tolerate.


So far in season three, Fitz’s wife Mellie has appeared to give up on trying to save her marriage and settled with just maintaining the appearance of a happy union. Liv knows the president is still with his wife, but she continues to “want” Fitz. In real life, most women will not and should not put up with a man who cheats. A man who cheats will never give you 100 percent as long as you’re willing to accept settling for less.

Leaving The House Late At Night.

Fitz likes to pop up at Liv’s apartment by surprise and unannounced (during booty call times). Just take a look at episodes X, Y, and Z to name a few. No sane woman should accept that on any level. If you’re Liv or Mellie, this situation should never be acceptable. If a woman is willing to let me sneak out late at night to see my other girlfriend, send her my way. I’ll sell her an ocean in Wyoming.

A Man Disrespecting Their Momma!

No one likes a person who disrespects their mother. Liv thought her man killed her mother and while she tried to leave him, she still gave him the cookies. When that happened, all the women on Twitter did was melt. Women might say that they want a man like Fitz, but try to off their mom and find out what happens. *Jokes*


A Man Who Gives His Girlfriend A Side Chick Phone.

Let’s be honest, it’s a nice scene when Liv sits in her office and waits for Fitz to call, but how many woman are really going to be OK with their cheating boyfriend saying ‘hey, take this phone and keep it for when I call you.’


Someone Who Makes You Play On The Phone.

Mellie went straight psycho girlfriend during episode 3:10, when she started playing phone tricks. She called Fitz, then called his other phone and then called his mistress. When they both didn’t answer she stormed out, because she knew her man was up to no good. See, this is the issue: If a man makes you start to do crazy stuff, calling phones from blocked numbers, making fake social media accounts, forcing you to do CIA-type searches for dirt, those are all signs it’s time to say goodbye to that relationship.

The moral of this story is that yes, Scandal is a great show. The writers are the bomb and Fitz will say and do some really romantic stuff for his side piece. In reality, none of this is really happening and if it is, it should never be tolerated if you want a healthy relationship.

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So remember ladies, you don’t really want a man like Fitz, because if you did, you’ll end up like Mellie, home alone in a cold bed pretending to be happy for your friends and other people who don’t care about you.

Or like Liv, home alone with a bottle of wine, staring at your side chick phone waiting for your married lover to call or knock on your door unannounced.


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