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You would figure Remy Ma‘s last days in prison would be better because she was closer to getting out, but to the contrary – they were her worst.

Remy stopped by the No Judgment Zone with BlogXilla and broke down her last few days in prison. She was on lock-down in her cell for 23 hours of the day while they decided if she would do more time, or be released early.

“The day that I was supposed to leave and I was going to bed at night to go to sleep and it was going into August…I couldn’t even think. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t want to talk to anybody. People were coming to my door… ‘I was like get away from my cell door!'”

Remy said she could not fathom doing another day in that place, so much so, that she refused to sleep on her bed.

“I was devastated, I slept on the floor. There’s mice in there and I’m scared of rodents. I was on the floor in the corner saying, ‘I am not getting in that bed. I am not sleeping in that bed no more times,’ – that’s how I had it in my mind. It was hard.”

Xilla also asked Remy about the rumor of Papoose trying to break her out of jail.

“When that story came out, that was the most ludicrous story I’ve ever heard. When I was in Rikers they banned him from coming to jail for six months…”

Once they moved her upstate, his ban continued. Remy had to spend months on the phone with her lawyers to resolve the issue.

Check out our conversation with Remy Ma and be sure to check out part 1 of Remy Ma on the No Judgment Zone, if you haven’t already.

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