EXCLUSIVE: Jay-Z and Beyonce are all smiles as Jay-Z carries Blue Ivy while walking out of a building in NYC

Jay Z has been in the game for two decades now, solidifying his legacy as one of the most innovative rappers and businessmen ever. In the process, the head of the Carter clan definitely taught us a few things – namely, how to get them Ms – but most importantly, how to be a stand up guy.

Like his change of clothes, Jigga’s persona has rapidly evolved – he locked down Bey, the most flawless chick in the game, and fathered his baby girl Blue Ivy, the feisty heiress to his throne. It’s true, Hov is a husband and a dad now. Ten years ago, we’re not sure we’d be able to picture the boss – who once rapped, “Me give my heart to a woman? Not for nothing…” – as the family man he is today.

With that said, of all Jay’s accomplishments – the albums, the new businesses, the wealth – we’ve got to say holding his family down the way he does has been the most endearing of them all.

In celebration of his 45th birthday today, here is a compilation of Hovito proving he’s the best father and husband ever. Happy birthday!

jay z gif

1. Blue wasn’t even two days old when her hip-hop pops made certain her first cries were heard on “Glory,” an ode to the Carter clan’s newborn princess.

2. It’s public knowledge, Jay is straight out the hood – but he turns to mush when he’s with his favorite girls.

3. When a precious father-daughter moment…

4. Turns into a double dose of Carter cuteness.

Beyonce Blue Jay Z

5. Because, piggyback rides.

Beyonce tumblr anniversary D.R. Blue ivy jay z

6. And holding hands.

Beyonce and Jay-Z are seen in east london visiting sculpture galleries, the A list couple looked happy and laughed and joked with photographers

7. Did we mention the subtle (but constant) rubbing of Bey’s booty?

Beyonce jay z gif

8. And holding on to his wifey like this.

beyonce jay z

9. And this.

American Eagle Outfitters Celebrates The Budweiser Made In America Music Festival - Los Angeles, CA - Day 2

10. He’s very protective of Blue too.

Beyonce, Jay Z and daughter Blue Ivy visit the Picasso Museum in Antibes, France

11. He even taught baby girl how to mean mug like daddy.

12. And she’s got the ‘tude down pat.

Exclusive - Beyonce And Jay Z Celebrate Blue Ivy's 2nd Birthday

13. Jay encourages Blue Ivy’s talent.


14. And his wife’s, for that matter.

2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Show

15. He keeps calm when Blue is wildin’ out.

Beyonce At Cologne Bonn Airport

16. And teaches her new things all the time.


17. Look up Blue-Bey.

jay z holding blue ivy carter with beyonce new years eve party 2013

18. Father-daughter awesomeness.

19. We’re pretty sure this year’s epic Carter Halloween costumes were inspired by Jay’s love for the arts.

Beyonce, Jay Z, and Blue Ivy spend Halloween night out at Charlie Bird in NYC with a front row view of the NYC Halloween Parade

20. As long as he’s with family, he’s having a good time.

Beyonce & Jay-Z Spend Time With Their Mothers While On Holiday In France

21. And he keeps things sexy when it comes to wifey.

American Eagle Outfitters Celebrates The Budweiser Made In America Music Festival - Los Angeles, CA - Day 2

22. And cute.


23. Like, super cute.

Beyonce jay z gif

24. And gangster.

Beyonce jay z gif

25. He defends their legacy by any means necessary.

26. And gives the best hugs.


27. But keeps it so Brooklyn.


28. Wherever Bey’s at, he’s right over her shoulder.

Beyonce jay z gif

29. Literally.

Beyonce, Jay-Z, Blue Ivy All in White Leave for Solange Knowles Wedding

30. He weathers the storm with Blue.

Beyonce and Jay-Z had lunch with their daughter Blue Ivy at Nolita restaurant on Champs Elysees Avenue

31. And doesn’t mind Bey pigging out.

beyonce jay z on the run behind the scenes photos

32. It’s not just his girls he loves, it’s all of the Knowles women.

Jay Z, Beyonce, Tina Knowles, Solange,

33. Plus, he keeps it all the way one hundred with Bey.

jay z beyonce brunch breakfast la post coachella 2014

34. And makes her laugh her ass off. Or maybe she made him laugh?

Jay-Z and Beyonce cheer on the Brooklyn Nets for game six of the NBA Playoffs

35. He takes his princess all around the world.

jay z blue ivy private jet on the run tour

36. And helps Bey out of the car. Your girlfriend will tell you how much this matters.

Beyonce and husband Jay Z step out in South London to visit a community arts project

37. C’mon son. You’ve got to give the kid props… he knows how to keep his girls happy.

Beyonce and Jay Z Dance In A Second Line Parade for Solange Knowles and Alan Ferguson Wedding

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