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Matthew Fox and Judge Joe Brown Visit 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' - May 23, 2005

Judge Joe Brown was arrested last year after becoming verbally abusive in a courtroom. The famed judge, who turned himself in to authorities yesterday, will serve a five-day sentence. [Complex]

In case you didn’t know, Barack Obama is the first president to visit a federal prison. Fortunately, his visit was recorded as part of an upcoming HBO special, titled Fixing the System. Watch the trailer here. [Complex]

T-Pain was in a multi-car crash last week. The rapper and singer was driving his Aston Martin and ran into a Sedan, ultimately knocking off a tire. The Sedan was hit so hard, it flung back and hit a third vehicle. Fortunately, no one was hurt. [TMZ]

Thailand police have arrested a suspect in the tragic Bangkok bombing that killed 20 people earlier this month. The man was found in a suburban apartment in Bangkok and arrested immediately. [CNN]

A Michigan State Police trooper died after being hit by a car and dragged for several miles. The driver responsible for the incident didn’t realize the trooper’s motorcycle caught on to his trailer until he pulled over at a rest stop. The trooper died at a local hospital. [CNN]


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