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Kim, Don Morris, Holy Mountain

Don Morris, the co-founder of XXL, took the original Nike Air Yeezy, placed it on a naked woman’s crotch and called it “Kim” to bring attention to hip-hop’s love for false idols.

In a collection of photos titled “Holy Mountain,” Don Morris explains that his work embodies the one-way tension created between the individual and the false idols, things, person, or state that is desired. Since 1992, Don has been a part of pop culture. He went on to help create XXL and since then, he’s been engulfed in fashion and hip-hop for over two decades. It’s safe to say he’s seen a lot.

Don Morris, Holy Mountain

“I’ve experienced first-hand the energy created by the desire for material things and the worship of false idols. The focus on false idols and unchecked material/sense desires quite often lead to violence. The signs of unchecked desire, unhealthy consumption and consumerism and a society that glorifies material gain over spiritual development are everywhere.” Don goes on to ask, “How many acts of crime have stemmed from the material/sense-desire for people, things and the worship of false idols?”

People are getting killed for their sneakers, yet hardcore sneaker heads are still lining up lawn chairs and milk crates for days – all for a chance to get their hands on this new form of social currency.

Don Morris, Holy Mountain

So Don decided to point out our need for senseless instant gratification by transforming it into a faceless naked body in order to amplify the message and draw in the viewer. He added in names and phrases that really make you think, like Trump, Terror, Miley Cyrus, ISIS, Cosby, and even FOX’s hit show Empire.

What do these images say to you? You can view all the uncensored photos by visiting


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